Allura Laser-Assisted Submental Lipolysis: Before & After Photos

Doctors Steve and Scott Smith perform their surgeries at their location at 725 Buckles Ct. North, Suite 210 in Gahanna, Ohio.

Patient 1

Allura Laser-Assisted Submental Lipolysis
Allura Laser-Assisted Submental Lipolysis
Case #1582 - Allura Laser-Assisted Submental Lipolysis

Treated Area: Submental region (double chin)
Procedure: In-office, Allura Laser Lipo (ONE treatment)
Downtime: Minimal-none
Note: Individual results may vary. This is an actual patient who has consented to the use of these photos. Please do not copy or distribute without permission.

Allura is a non-surgical, micro-invasive treatment option for fat reduction and skin tightening. By employing laser energy, this treatment effectively destroys fat in hard to reach areas, like the excess fat under the chin/around the jawline.

Individual results may vary.

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