PicoSure Tattoo Removal Columbus, OH


PicoSure Tattoo RemovalA tattoo that is no longer wanted can be a regret that gets carried with you wherever you go, and although you can cover it up with things like clothing or makeup, these are temporary solutions that don’t address the root of the problem.  There are many popular methods for tattoo removal but there are also some who are turned off by how time consuming and uncomfortable many of them can be.

If you are a person who falls into this group, Smith Facial Plastics—located in Columbus, Ohio —is proud to provide a solution to meet your needs with the Picosure® Laser from Cynosure, a new method of tattoo removal that is designed to get the job done gently without sacrificing speed or efficiency.  

If you’re already intrigued, don’t hesitate to contact us at our office to discover the power of the Picosure® laser for yourself.

How does the Picosure® Laser Work?

The Picosure® laser removes tattoos by targeting them with a concentration of light and heat, which destabilizes the ink and breaks it into smaller particles which can be more easily targeted and removed by the body.  This treatment is spread out into multiple sessions that will be spaced out between weeks.  With each session a little bit more of the tattoo will be broken down for the body to remove, making it a little less visible with each visit.  The skin will likely be sensitive during the day following a treatment, so avoiding unnecessary sunlight for that time is suggested.  

What Makes the Picosure® Laser so Special?

The reason why this laser is so unique is apparent in its name; it works within the timespan of a picosecond.  A picosecond is a thousand times faster than the nanosecond that most other lasers operate by.   By using the picosecond, the energy from the Picosure® laser travels into the dermis with more intensity than a typical nanosecond laser, while also taking a briefer amount of time to permeate under the skin.  What this leads to is a lower chance of side effects like blistering and swelling, as well as a greater sense of comfort during the procedure.  Since the Picosure® laser works more quickly than the average cosmetic laser, it also means that less sessions are required for the completion of the procedure than would be required by a more traditional nanosecond laser. The Picosure® laser is also excellent at removing particles of colored ink, with an exceptional reaction to blue, green and purple.  

PicoSure Tattoo Before & After

Am I a Candidate?  Is it Safe?

Your candidacy for the treatment as well as its safety for you as a patient will be determined during a consultation appointment, which is required to be held before the procedure itself.  This consultation will involve one of the professionals from our practice sitting down with you to discuss your specific cosmetic goals as well as your existing medical history.  If one of our practitioners discovers anything that could potentially complicate the treatment, we will discuss available alternatives.

The first step to getting this treatment starts with you!  Give us a call at our office, schedule your own consultation appointment, and discover the benefits of the Picosure® laser for yourself.  We look forward to seeing you, answering whatever questions you may have, and helping you along with your aesthetic goals.