• Consult: 15-30 mins
  • Procedure: 30 minutes – 1 hour
  • Recovery: Minor, 3-5 days
  • Duration of Results: may last years

At Smith Facial Plastics in Columbus, patients are excited about the MOXI laser, a powerful but gentle device with minimal downtime and the ability to make a big difference in the appearance and health of the skin. MOXI has become one of our go-to lasers for uneven pigmentation, sun damage, and texture.

Who is the Best Candidate for Moxi Laser

The wonderful thing about MOXI Laser is that EVERYONE is a good candidate!

Although it is ideal for our younger patients who are beginning to think about pre-rejuvenation and their long-term skincare, it is also a fantastic treatment for anyone looking to freshen up and revitalize their skin’s appearance with zero-to-little downtime.

This facial procedure is safe for all skin types, but as with any laser treatment, those with a darker skin type may be advised about the laser strength for their treatment.

What are the Benefits of the Moxi Laser?

Not only is the MOXI Laser facial treatment excellent for first-time recipients of laser resurfacing treatments, but we have recognized the following benefits from utilizing this procedure:

  • It’s safe for use on any skin type and can be performed year-round
  • It is quick and gentle, requiring minimal-to-no recovery time. It can even be performed during your lunchtime!
  • It will refine your skin texture and tone
  • It’s perfect for anyone who would like to extend the results of some of the more aggressive laser treatments.

How Does the Technology Work?

Using the newest, non-ablative (doesn’t remove body tissue) fractionated laser on the market, energy is delivered just below the skin’s surface, creating thousands of micro-channels that will stimulate collagen to produce tighter, firmer skin. Since the laser is fractionated, the small targeted area penetrates deep into the skin without harming the outer layers, promoting new cell growth and the reduction of unwanted pigment.

What’s the First Step?

The first step to getting this revolutionary treatment is to book a consultation. During your appointment, you’ll be able to discuss your aesthetic desires and let us know about any issues you have been facing. Our doctors will provide a full assessment of your face and give their expert recommendations.

If you’re happy with our recommendations and comfortable with the pricing, treatment can be done that day. Our medical team will give you full post-treatment instructions on what to expect and avoid following the treatment.

Moxi Laser Recovery

One of the many perks of getting the MOXI Laser procedure is that it requires very minimal downtime – if any at all. After the treatment, your skin can appear pink and feel warm to the touch, similar to how a sunburn would feel.

Over the next few days, the treated skin cells will begin to shed off (much like a sunburn), and you may feel some temporary roughness. After about five days, you will notice your healthier, firmer, and fresher skin.

It is advised to use a gentle cleanser after your MOXI Laser treatment to obtain the best results. It would be best if you also considered keeping your skin hydrated through consistent moisturizing, which will help with the healing and peeling process. In addition to those skin regimens, we suggest applying sunscreen to the treated area for optimal results.

How Much Does Moxi Laser Facial Cost in Columbus, Ohio?

The cost of Moxi Laser in Columbus will vary on several factors. The best way to determine the price will be during your consultation. After deciding if MOXI is best for your skin, Dr. Smith will go over all of the associated costs of the treatment.

Why Choose Smith Facial Plastics?

Smith Facial Plastics is headed by Dr. Stephen P. Smith and Dr. Scott Smith, experts in facial plastic surgery. When choosing a practice to perform a treatment on your face, it’s best to pick an expert. Both surgeons pride themselves on connecting with patients and providing optimal results that help give their patients the skin of their dreams. Dr. Smith is a proud member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you’d like to book a consultation for MOXI Laser in Columbus with one of our board-certified facial plastic surgeons, please get in touch with us today. We’re excited to help you on your journey of discovering flawless skin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Moxi be combined with other treatments?

MOXI can be combined with several treatments to enhance your skin’s youthfulness.

What skin treatments can Moxi treat?

The MOXI Laser Facial treatment is designed to give your skin a more polished tone and texture, but it also:

  • Enhances your skin tone
  • Smoothes out any uneven pigmentation
  • Lightens up any previous sun damage
  • Wards off visible signs of aging before they can even appear

Does Moxi Laser treatment hurt?

While you may feel slight discomfort from the slight prickling sensation of the treated area, MOXI is a very mild procedure and won’t even require numbing the area. A topical numbing cream may be applied if there is any concern.

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