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Chin & Cheek

Cheek Implants

  • Consult: 15-30 mins
  • Procedure: 1 hour
  • Recovery: 7-14 days
  • Duration of Results: months to years

About Chin and Cheek Implants?

The cheeks and chin help set the outline and overall balance of the face, and when they are defined and prominent, they can help to emphasize the beauty of other features, like the eyes and mouth. At Smith Facial Plastics, we recognize the aesthetic importance of the chin and the cheeks and want to help out those patients who view their own as weak or underdeveloped. We offer a variety of surgical implants for augmenting the chin and cheeks. Through these implants, we hope that we can help you achieve a higher level of facial balance.

If you feel like the lack of prominence in your chin and cheeks has been distracting from your other features, and you’d like to create a stronger sense of balance between them, contact our office to learn more about our chin and cheek implant procedure. We’d love to help you realize your cosmetic vision.

Why Choose Chin and Cheek Implants?

To summarize it in just a few points, our chin and cheek implants can:

  • Project out a weak chin
  • Put multiple features of the face into proportion
  • Accent the cheeks, making them higher and more prominent
  • Fill in the cheeks, restoring volume that may have been lost with age
  • Sharpen the overall facial profile

Chin and cheek Implants are very popular amongst older patients who may not have needed them when they were younger. This is because our bodies produce a lower level of collagen as we grow older, which weakens our connective tissue. Our implants can restore the structural support that is lost as this tissue weakens.

What Will The Procedure Be Like?

The answer to this question will depend largely on how much you want to treat your chin and cheek and whether you want both treated or not. However, this is a surgical procedure, so a few precautions should be taken before a patient undergoes treatment. You should plan on having someone drive you to your appointment and back from it, as you’ll likely be in no condition to drive after the procedure is over. Avoiding smoking is also recommended for a few days before you undergo the procedure. Facial implants are typically outpatient procedures, so you’ll most likely be able to return home after the treatment has been completed. It is highly recommended that you take a week off from work to rest after the procedure is over.

How Do I Know If I’m A Good Candidate For Chin and Cheek Implants?

Healthy adults seeking out a more defined chin and set of cheeks will likely be qualified for this process, but you’ll have to set up a consultation to verify your own candidacy. Your health, medical history, and cosmetic goals will be reviewed during this consultation to make sure that our implants are good options for you as a patient. If it turns out that they aren’t, we will discuss alternatives.

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