Skin Rejuvenation Columbus, OH

Skin Rejuvenation

For individuals looking to improve the appearance of their skin and combat aging signs, skin rejuvenation can help. Skin rejuvenation can be achieved through various methods, including laser, light and other energy-based treatments, chemical peels, dermabrasion, medical-grade skin care, and more. Skin rejuvenation can treat a number of skin concerns including static wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles, pigmentation problems like freckles and sun spots, scars, acne scars, vascular conditions and loss of skin tone.

Candidates for Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation procedures are often not as involved as surgical cosmetic procedures, making them a good choice for those seeking a less invasive, non-surgical option. However, they are, in many cases, still considered a medical procedure and should not be undertaken lightly. Patients should be in good physical health and realistic in their goals for improvement. A consultation with Dr. Smith is the best way to determine which skin rejuvenation treatment can help you to achieve your desired aesthetic goals.

Our Skin Rejuvenation Program

At Smith Facial Plastics, our exclusive, three-month skin rejuvenation program is especially designed to minimize downtime for our active patients. We combine prescription-strength skincare with a series of four customized in-office chemical peels. Out topical skincare regimens include a variety of medical-grade skincare lines including MyBody and PCA Skin products. When needed, we also work closely with a compounding pharmacy to customize products for individual patients. For chemical peels, we perform a variety of light organic acid peels, as well as all strengths of Jessners – TCA chemical peels varying from superficial to deep. For those looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve discoloration and rejuvenate damaged skin without the prolonged downtime and recovery associated with a more extensive skin rejuvenation treatment, our skin rejuvenation program can provide the ideal solution.

Other Options in Skin Rejuvenation

We offer a variety of other skin rejuvenation treatments. For laser skin resurfacing, we utilize a combination of lasers, including fractionated CO2 and PDL lasers. These are excellent for treating aged and sun damaged skin, including wrinkles, scars and uneven pigmentation. In select patients, we also recommend traditional dermabrasion treatments to improve deeper skin damage, facial lines, and unsightly scars.