Residents of Columbus,  Ohio can now get the gorgeous, perfectly plumped lips that are so popular among Hollywood celebrities. With an enhanced lip size and a beautifully refined lip shape, you can always look like you’re ready to walk the red carpet. However, if you’ve never tried non-surgical lip augmentation procedures before, you may be curious to know more about how they’re performed and why they’re so incredibly popular. With minimal risk and the ability to provide truly amazing results, lip injections can give you a tremendous boost in confidence and a mouth that garners massive amounts of attention everywhere you go.

Why Choose Lip Augmentation to Enhance Your Appearance?

There are countless makeup products, tips, tricks, and tools that people can rely on to create their ideal lip shapes and sizes. From topical plumping products that often leave the lips feeling numb and generally unpleasant to lip-lining techniques that artificially extend lip boundaries, there’s a lot that you can do to enhance your smile without undergoing any procedure. Sadly, however, even the very best of these solutions won’t last for more than a few hours or days. Conversely, depending upon which injectable product you use, the results of lip augmentation with injectable fillers can last for a number of months. Moreover, unlike surgical augmentation procedures, injections are virtually guaranteed to wear off over time. As such, you’ll never be at risk of sustaining permanent changes to your lips that you’re unhappy with.

How Do Lip Injections Work?

Lip injections in Columbus, Ohio are most commonly performed using hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance that is naturally occurring in the human body. It is found in a person’s joints, skin, and in his or her connective tissues. When inserted into the lips via lip injections, HA produces a remarkable plumping effect by attracting and absorbing water molecules. Not only does this process create greater volume across the treatment area, but it also hydrates the lips from the inside out. You’ll have a fuller and far more luscious pout, and lips that look much healthier and far more youthful overall.

What to Expect During Treatment

HA-based fillers frequently contain a small amount of lidocaine for ensuring complete comfort during treatment. The doctor will insert very modest amounts of the filler material at each injection site. This is done to carefully control increases in volume and to produce the desired alterations in lip shape. The entire process takes about fifteen minutes and results will start manifesting right away. In the days that follow treatment, more water molecules will be collected and retained in the lips, and additional volume will appear. Beyond being expedient, these treatments are also incredibly convenient. There is no downtime with lip injections, and there is absolutely no aftercare required.

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