What are the Benefits of Lip Injections in Columbus, Ohio?

Residents of Columbus,  Ohio can now get the gorgeous, perfectly plumped lips that are so popular among Hollywood celebrities. With an enhanced lip size and a beautifully refined lip shape, you can always look like you’re ready to walk the red carpet. However, if you’ve never tried non-surgical lip augmentation procedures before, you may be curious to know more about how they’re performed and why they’re so incredibly popular. With minimal risk and the ability to provide truly amazing results, lip injections can give you a tremendous boost in confidence and a mouth that garners massive amounts of attention everywhere you go.

Why Choose Lip Augmentation to Enhance Your Appearance?

There are countless makeup products, tips, tricks, and tools that people can rely on to create their ideal lip shapes and sizes. From topical plumping products that often leave the lips feeling numb and generally unpleasant to lip-lining techniques that artificially extend lip boundaries, there’s a lot that you can do to enhance your smile without undergoing any procedure. Sadly, however, even the very best of these solutions won’t last for more than a few hours or days. Conversely, depending upon which injectable product you use, the results of lip augmentation with injectable fillers can last for a number of months. Moreover, unlike surgical augmentation procedures, injections are virtually guaranteed to wear off over time. As such, you’ll never be at risk of sustaining permanent changes to your lips that you’re unhappy with.

How Do Lip Injections Work?

Lip injections in Columbus, are most commonly performed using hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance that is naturally occurring in the human body. It is found in a person’s joints, skin, and in his or her connective tissues. When inserted into the lips via lip injections, HA produces a remarkable plumping effect by attracting and absorbing water molecules. Not only does this process create greater volume across the treatment area, but it also hydrates the lips from the inside out. You’ll have a fuller and far more luscious pout, and lips that look much healthier and far more youthful overall.

What to Expect During Treatment

HA-based fillers frequently contain a small amount of lidocaine for ensuring complete comfort during treatment. The doctor will insert very modest amounts of the filler material at each injection site. This is done to carefully control increases in volume and to produce the desired alterations in lip shape. The entire process takes about fifteen minutes and results will start manifesting right away. In the days that follow treatment, more water molecules will be collected and retained in the lips, and additional volume will appear. Beyond being expedient, these treatments are also incredibly convenient. There is no downtime with lip injections, and there is absolutely no aftercare required.

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Why Consider BOTOX in Columbus, Ohio?

The popularity of BOTOX® injections in Columbus, is unquestionable. The reason these treatments are so popular is that they are easy, safe, and effective. These treatments have helped men and women who have been battling with dynamic wrinkles to slow down the aging process. The result is that they feel happier with the way that they look and feel hopeful about their appearance for the future.

During the treatment process, small amounts of the medication are injected into your facial muscles. The facial muscles that are treated are the ones that are responsible for different facial expressions. Once the product is injected, it blocks nerve impulses that cause your muscles to contract. Since your muscles are not contracting as forcefully, dynamic wrinkles are not produced.

Some may wonder, if this treatment is blocking nerve impulses, does this mean that you will not have sensation in your face? You will have full sensation in your face. The nerves that this product is designed to treat are not the nerves that are responsible for sensation. They are responsible for the movement of the particular muscle that is being treated.

Make Lines and Wrinkles Disappear

There is a reason why millions of dollars are spent every single year in Columbus, on creams and lotions designed to treat wrinkles. It’s because people hate the way their wrinkled skin looks.

There are two types of wrinkles, namely static and dynamic. BOTOX® treats dynamic wrinkles. These are the wrinkles that are on your face because your facial muscles have overworked your skin. Couple this overworking of the skin with a loss of collagen and elastin that happens as a person gets older and this explains why you might be dealing with dynamic wrinkles on your forehead and around your eyes. Thankfully, BOTOX® treatments can help you make those a thing of the past.

A Preventative Option

In addition to helping the wrinkles that you are already dealing with, BOTOX® has been shown to be an amazing preventative treatment. It can prevent certain wrinkles from developing in the future. This is done in two ways. First, the injections encourage your body to create more collagen and elastin. This of its own accord is going to slow down the aging and wrinkling process. Additionally, since the injections are preventing your muscles from folding your skin as frequently, your skin is able to rest, so the formation of future wrinkles is either completely prevented or drastically postponed.

An Easy Treatment that Produces Noticeable Results

If you talk to anyone who has had of these treatments done, they can tell you that getting BOTOX® is a simple treatment. After filling out paperwork and having your initial consultation with our medical professionals, the injections will take around 15 minutes. Once the treatment is done, you are able to go back to your daily activities without interruption.

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The Incredible Benefits of Getting a Chemical Peel in Columbus, Ohio

Chemical peel treatments were the number one cosmetic procedure in the late 90s with many people opting to get them. Today, they are coming back in a big way because of their myriad benefits and cost-effectiveness. At , we offer chemical peel treatments to clients in Columbus, and the surrounding areas. These peels can make your skin look youthful and fresh again.

Increases Collagen Production

Harmless acids in chemical peel treatment work tirelessly to remove the top layer of your skin. This signals the younger living cells below to multiply quickly and move up. There is an increase in collagen production, which makes you appear more youthful.

Makes Beauty Products Work Better

Chemicals peels help remove the top layer of the skin that has a maximum number of dead cells. By lifting this skin, it aids in making your beauty products work better on your skin as they can penetrate deeper. Many women use chemical peel treatments in Columbus, to look radiant and have more receptive skin.

Economical Option

You could remove acne, discoloration, and fine lines among other pesky facial skin problems by getting this treatment. This technique is much cheaper and cost-effective than other options.

Improves Radiance

Anyone who has had a chemical peel would let you know the improvement in their skin tone and suppleness.

Customized Options Create Low Risk

A variety of acids can be mixed and matched to serve your skin tone better. These are safe to use on all skin types (even darker skin) without any risk.

Getting a Chemical Peel in Columbus,

 in , is known to provide effective chemical peel treatments. Contact us today to book a consultation and learn more information about this popular treatment!

Tone Your Body with CoolSculpting in Ohio

If you have been trying for months or even years to lose that last bit of pudge around your belly but have been unable to do so, CoolSculpting® may be right for you. It is also good for those in who are at normal weights but who have unexpected areas of fat around problematic body parts. You may also be right for this procedure if you recently lost weight but are still struggling with stubborn fat in one or two areas.

CoolSculpting® gives you a great way to sculpt your body into the shape you want without having to use any surgery or anesthesia. It is incredibly safe while also being amazingly effective. For many, it can provide the same results or similar results as liposuction can over several months but with fewer risks and side effects.

If you are wondering how a non-invasive treatment could do that, you are not alone. This is truly an amazing treatment for numerous individuals. CoolSculpting® uses cryolipolysis to freeze the fat cells with a device placed on top of the skin. Although this may sound like a confusing technical term, it simply means the freezing of fat cells through very cold temperatures. In fact, the temperatures used during the treatment are so cold that they naturally numb the skin, thus keeping you comfortable without the need for any topical anesthesia or sedation.

A single treatment is very convenient, and there is no need for recovery afterwards. You will immediately be able to return to your normal activities without having to rest or avoid certain activities. This makes CoolSculpting® a wonderful treatment for busy adults in .

To be a good candidate for CoolSculpting®, you should be generally healthy and at or close to a healthy weight. This is not a weight loss procedure, and you should have realistic expectations of what this treatment can accomplish for you.

To learn more about how CoolSculpting® can help you, we encourage you to stop by  in , and have your first appointment with our dedicated practitioners. Contact us today to book a consultation!

Treat Dynamic Wrinkles with BOTOX in Columbus, Ohio

How do you feel about yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror? How do you feel about your appearance when you compare the way you look today with the way you looked five or 10 years ago? If you are like most people in Columbus, , there’s going to be some things that you like about your current appearance, but there’s also going to be some things that you miss about the way you looked when you were younger. One of those things that you probably miss about the way you looked when you were younger is your wrinkle-free appearance. Thankfully, BOTOX®exists.

Unfortunately, as we get older, we start to develop wrinkles. These wrinkles develop around our eyes, our nose, and our mouth. Dynamic wrinkles are caused by the contractions of your muscles underneath your skin. Every time you make a facial expression, your skin responds to the movement of your muscles. You can see an example of this when you look at yourself in the mirror and you smile. Just look at your eyes. Do you see how the skin on the sides of your eyes is crinkled up when you smile? This crinkling is happening because of the movement of your muscles underneath your skin.

When you were younger, your skin responded the same way to your muscle movement. The only difference is that because your younger skin had more collagen, more elastin, and more hyaluronic acid, when you finished making a facial expression, those wrinkles in your skin would fall out and disappear.

Now that you are a little older and now that your skin is less resilient, the wrinkles caused by facial movements are starting to etch themselves in your appearance. This is why you still see wrinkles around your eyes, even when you’re not smiling.

There is nothing that you can do to reverse the appearance of dynamic wrinkles on your own. There is no topical cream that’s going to make them disappear. This is because the cause of your dynamic wrinkles is underneath your skin. So the only way to treat dynamic wrinkles is to treat what’s going on underneath your skin with a product like BOTOX® in Columbus, .

BOTOX® is a neuromodulator which interferes with the signals that your nerves are sending to your facial muscles. So when you smile, your nerves will not be able to tell the muscles around your eyes to contract as forcefully as they did before the treatment. After BOTOX® treatments, your skin is given a little bit of a rest because your muscles are not forcing your skin to crinkle like it did before. With time, the wrinkles that have been etched in your skin actually fall out. Your skin starts to look and feel smoother and younger.

If you miss the wrinkle-free appearance you had in youth, treat dynamic wrinkles with BOTOX® at  near Columbus, . You will be amazed as you watch your wrinkles begin to disappear. Contact us today for a consultation at our office in , .

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