Picture the most beautiful woman who you know or who you have seen on TV. Now, look at her lips. Are they full? Or are they thin? You very likely said that they are full. In the vast majority of cases, when a woman is considered to be beautiful or attractive, she has full lips. Unfortunately, not all women naturally have full lips, or the aging process is causing her lips to lose volume. We invite you to add volume to your look with lip injections.

The lip injection treatment is very simple. It starts off with a consultation. The consultation is designed to help the medical professional who will be doing your injections make sure that you are a good candidate for the injections. For this reason, they will ask you a series of questions that pertain to your medical history. Also, they will ask you questions about your specific goals. They want to be sure that lip injections are the right option for you.

The great thing about lip injections is that you will see immediate results. The type of injection that is used for the lips is a soft and malleable product. This means that as soon as is it injected into the lips, the doctor may massage the area for just a couple of moments to make sure that the product is in just the right area.

We are here to assure you that when we provide lip injections to add volume to your look, we are doing something that is going to enhance your appearance, not make you look fake or exaggerated. The results that you get will look and feel natural.

Many of the lip injections that are currently available contain hyaluronic acid. This is a substance that your body naturally produces. It helps your skin to hold onto moisture. When a lip filler contains hyaluronic acid, it is going to provide the benefit of helping your lips to hold onto moisture over the time that it is active under the skin.

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