Getting tattooed means permanence. That is both the beauty and the bane of it. Something you thought looked killer when you were 18 may not seem quite as awesome when you’re 38. The chances of choosing a piece of art or writing at a specific point in time, and then loving it for the rest of your life, are slim. Therefore, there’s a lot of us that have at least one tattoo that we, if not regret, then certainly don’t hold in as high regard as we once did. The experts at Smith Facial Plastics in Gahanna can help you when it comes to tattoo removal.

Why Change the Past?

There are a few reasons why people choose to get tattoo removal. The first falls under the category of ‘regret.’

No Regrets

Ironically, this is a phrase often tattooed on people. But we all have regrets, whether we want to or not. Life can change, we may end up living in domestic bliss, a far cry from our misspent youth. The boss may not look too fondly on the flaming skull tattooed on your hand. Or how about names? If anyone hasn’t had their heart broken at least once in their lives, it will be a rare thing indeed. Not too much of a problem by itself, but what if you got your ex-lover’s name tattooed in a banner beneath a heart? Your new boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t exactly going to be thrilled about it, that’s for sure. Also, some tattoos just come out plain bad. A bad tattoo is something you don’t want to carry around with you for the rest of your life.

Age is Just a Number

Yeah, maybe. But the effects of time are real enough. The ink in your skin is only optimal for ten years at best. It ages just like you do. Tattoos can fade, become patchy, the ink can bleed, leaving your swallow looking more like a slug. Also, there are unfortunately a lot of bad tattooists out there. And their work doesn’t hold up well most of the time.

How It’s Done

Tattoo removal is done by using carefully controlled and precise laser energy. Smith Facial Plastics uses an innovative laser treatment: the PicoSure® system from Cynosure. It is a lot gentler than other lasers but doesn’t sacrifice speed or effectiveness. The laser breaks down the ink pigments, making them much easier to be dissolved by the body.

Tattoo Removal at Smith Facial Plastics

Don’t let a bad or dated tattoo have a place of permanence on your body.  Get in touch with the professionals at Smith Facial Plastics in Gahanna for your tattoo removal consultation. Contact us today and book your appointment!