Your body ink has been with you for quite some time. Back in your younger days, you thought it would be cool to express yourself with symbols that held some sort of meaning in your mind. Even if others did not know what they were all about, the symbolism of body ink gave you a certain presence that made people stop and notice. You liked that part of the effect your tattoos had on others. Now that you are older, the artwork behind the tattoos has started to fade out a bit. You had heard at one point that faded tattoos were easier to remove, and you thought maybe it was time to strip away the body ink and live a more normal, ordinary lifestyle – one where the cops are not taking too much notice of your body art. Thankfully, laser tattoo removal exists.

What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

If you’ve been researching tattoo removal, the method you likely found to be most effective at getting to the root of your tattoos was laser tattoo removal. By targeting the ink molecules in the sublayers of skin with a laser, the molecules break up and are then removed by the lymphatic system. With laser tattoo removal, a series of treatment sessions is usually required for optimal results. As more of the ink is busted up, the tattoo shows noticeable signs of fading away. Although results vary from patient to patient, with laser tattoo removal, you have a good chance of getting rid of your body art once and for all.

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