Cheek implant surgery can improve the way your face looks. If you’re not happy with the definition or fullness in your cheeks, cheek implants can make a dramatic difference.

Why You Might Consider Getting Cheek Implant Surgery

  • You’d like your face to be better proportioned.
  • You are unhappy with flat, sunken cheeks.
  • You had an illness or accident that left your cheeks misaligned.
  • You’d like a more balanced profile.
  • You use temporary cheek fillers and you like the way they look.
  • You want the youthful look of full, defined cheeks.

Are Cheek Implants a Better Choice Than Fillers?

Fillers can temporarily help provide more contour to your face, but the results are limited and they won’t last. Fillers and injections are a good choice for people who only need minor cosmetic changes. If you want a truly dramatic difference in how you look, cheek implants are a better choice.

What to Expect from Cheek Implant Surgery

There are three types of implants you can get when you have this surgery. Discuss your options with our plastic surgeon to develop a surgical plan that will give you the results you want.

Once you’ve decided on the type of implant and the size, our surgeon will tell you what you need to know before surgery. The operation itself usually does not take very long. You can combine it with other facial surgery such as a nose job, eyelid lift, or facelift.

Recovery from cheek implant surgery is quick. You should feel fine the day of surgery, but it is recommended that you do not return to work for at least a week.

Results You Can Expect

Cheek implant surgery will give you back the fullness and definition that you had when you were young. You’ll like the way your face looks from every angle. Cheek implants will make you look and feel younger and more attractive.

If you’re interested in getting cheek implant surgery at Smith Facial Plastics, either alone or in conjunction with other procedures, take the time to speak with our professionals. We’ll show you how quick and easy it can be to get a face you’ll be happy to see in the mirror every day. We are conveniently located in Gahanna, Ohio. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!