Lip enhancement can produce a plumper pout, restore youthful lip boundary contours, and eliminate wrinkling of the lip skin. Various procedures are in use today, but dermal fillers are by far the most popular treatment method. Many adults worry about their lip structure and shape, and they wonder if surgery is necessary to correct these problems. In most cases, injectable dermal fillers are the most suitable treatment, and this is an amazing non-surgical lip augmentation alternative.

A Closer Look at Dermal Fillers

Acid-based fillers are the most commonly used dermal injectables. These are gels that contain hyaluronic acid particles. The acid binds with water molecules and immediately produces a plumping effect. This added volume creates a more visually pleasing appearance to the lips.

Hyaluronic acid filler injections can usually be performed in just minutes, but a consultation is necessary in order for us to determine the dosage and the proper gel density. This treatment is effective for about four to six months, after which time the procedure can simply be repeated for ongoing benefits.

What are the Benefits?

These treatments are so beneficial because there is no need for surgery. Non-surgical lip augmentation is easily performed, and if the results aren’t to your satisfaction, we can adjust the treatment as needed during the appointment. On the other hand, surgical repositioning of skin or the use of lip implants is more risky because it’s difficult to undo what has been done.

Non-surgical lip augmentation treatments are convenient, even for those with busy schedules and lifestyles. And the results look natural! In fact, more people than you might have thought have been taking advantage of this exciting treatment.

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