• Consult: 30 mins
  • Procedure: 15-30 mins
  • Recovery: none-minimal
  • Duration of Results: up to 2 years

About Voluma?

Manufactured by Juvederm, which also manufactures several other successful facial injectables, this unique and innovative injectable facial filler is designed specifically for the facial contours, notably the cheek area. It is designed to be injected underneath the skin and add volume. As the natural aging process takes place, fat pads begin to shift and fat is lost from the face. This can cause the face to look more aged, with sunken cheeks and a more hollow appearance. Putting the volume back in the cheeks and face contour has an ability to take up to five years off the appearance of your face and reveal a more youthful, rested looking appearance. It is an injectable gel that is safe and FDA approved. Made from a natural complex sugar known as hyaluronic acid, it is safe because the body also naturally produces this substance. With age, our bodies begin to produce less of this substance. Hyaluronic acid partners with collagen and elastin found within the skin to form healthy skin structure and elasticity.

Why use Voluma?

Imagine being able to take five years off your face with a simple procedure that takes around fifteen to thirty minutes to perform. Lift and add volume to flattened cheeks. Rejuvenate your appearance and look more rested. Add back youthfulness to your appearance and feel more confident. Flattened cheeks and a loss of volume in the face can take a toll on the facial appearance, causing it to look tired and aged. You may look tired even when you are not.

Weight loss can be an excellent lifestyle change, but often the loss of facial volume is also a result. If you recently lost weight, you may also want to consider this procedure to put back volume in your face. Adding volume to the cheek area can add to the attractiveness of your face and emphasize your face contour. Cheek filler can help you achieve emphasized cheekbones, which is a very attractive feature.

The Procedure

Before this procedure, your doctor will provide a consultation in which you discuss why you are interested in cheek filler and what changes you would like to see after this procedure. This is a non-surgical procedure and the treatment time generally takes between fifteen and thirty minutes. Before starting, your face will be cleaned with a hygienic formula to prep the area for injection. A topical numbing cream will then be applied to the area, ensuring your comfort.

A very fine needle will be used to inject Voluma into your face and the area may be gently massaged. After this, you are free to return to work or other activities as you normally would. Some patients may experience minor bruising, but this can be covered with makeup.

Are You a Candidate?

This procedure is suitable for individuals age 21 and over. If you would like to achieve added volume in your cheeks and are concerned about the signs of aging, you are a candidate for this procedure. Our doctors can help determine whether or not this procedure is the right one for you. He will be able to determine this based on an array of factors including your age, what you would like to achieve, your skin type, and medical history.

FAQS: What are the possible side effects?

It is important to note that this filler is an FDA-approved substance and is considered safe. Many patients do well with it, but it is possible to experience side effects which are generally minor. Some possible side effects include:

  • Redness and swelling of the treated area
  • Firmness at the injection site
  • Minor lumps or bumps
  • Bruising
  • Itching
  • Discoloration

Keep in mind that this procedure has been studied during clinical trials for many years. It is considered safe and is tolerated very well by most patients.

How long will the procedure last?

The beautiful results are instantaneous and can be seen for up to two years after the initial injection. After this amount of time, it is metabolized by the body and additional treatments are needed if desired. However, at the second treatment time, less filler will be needed to see results.

It is recommended to avoid very grueling exercise for the first 24 hours following treatment in order to extend the life of this procedure. Additionally, avoiding the sun will help to preserve it and help it last its longest. Avoiding the sun has other added benefits, as it will preserve your skin and prevent aging and melanoma, so this is a win-win.

Is it painful?

A topical numbing cream is applied to the treatment area before beginning the procedure. Most patients don’t report any serious discomfort during or after the procedure and tolerate it quite well.

What can I expect after the procedure?

You can expect to resume normal activities right after the procedure. You may experience minor swelling or redness at the injection site, but this is normal and should subside within a few day’s time. It is generally minor and can be easily covered with makeup. You can expect to see instant results.

How soon can I return to work?

There is no downtime with this procedure and it only takes fifteen to thirty minutes. You can return to work immediately and resume all normal activities, but you should avoid strenuous activity to help maintain the lifetime of this treatment. For the first 24 hours following your treatment, patients are advised to completely avoid any activity that requires a lot of physical exertion. You should also avoid sun exposure.


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