Keloid Excision Photos - Case #791

Patient Case #791

Keloid Excision
Keloid Excision

Age: 20-29
Gender: Female
Surgeon: Scott W. Smith, M.D.
Procedure: Keloid Excision

This 22-year-old female presented to the clinic to discuss concerns regarding a large keloid scar from a cartilage piercing that had been present for two years. She had undergone multiple steroid injections with her dermatologist prior to coming into our clinic. To address her concerns, we discussed an in-office surgical excision of her keloid scar under local anesthesia followed by post-surgical steroid injections and laser treatments.

When viewing her before surgery and 3 months after surgery photos, notice the absence of her keloid growth and restoration of the normal curvature of her left ear. While recurrence of any keloid is a significant risk, treating the keloid with several different options altogether including surgical excision, steroid injections, and laser treatments will optimize her outcome. At 3 months following her multi-modality treatment, there were no signs or evidence of recurrence.

*Each patient is unique and individual results may vary. This is an actual patient who consented to the use of these photos. Please do not use or distribute the images here without written permission.

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