If you have a heavy brow or if you have deep wrinkles in your brow, it is very likely that your overall appearance is negatively affected by these things. Individuals may often ask you if you are upset or angry when you are not. You may notice that people do not feel as comfortable to approach you as they used to. If you would like to improve this aspect of your appearance, we invite you to learn about BOTOX® for a non-surgical brow lift.

The brow lift procedure is a surgical and permanent treatment. Skin is removed from the forehead. Muscles are tightened and other things are done in order to smooth out the forehead and make it look more youthful. While there are a lot of benefits that come from using this procedure, not everyone is ready to or willing to go through surgery in order to improve their appearance. They would like to have the benefits that come from a brow lift, but they do not want the things that are associated with this permanent procedure.

BOTOX® is a great alternative. BOTOX® can be injected into the muscles in the forehead in order to relax the muscles. This is a good thing because when the muscles are relaxed, the skin that sits on top of these muscles has time to rest. Since it is able to rest, the wrinkles start to fade away. Your forehead will look more youthful. And that angry or grumpy look that causes others to turn away from you will no longer be there. You will look happier and more approachable.

BOTOX® is a treatment that both men and women can benefit from. While women are definitely interested in BOTOX® in order to treat forehead wrinkles, it is extremely common for men to want the benefits that come from adjusting this part of the face in order to improve their appearance.

Many have decided to use BOTOX® as a stepping stone to a brow lift. Most individuals are going to be able to enjoy the benefits that come from this treatment for multiple months at a time. This will allow them to see if they like the way they look with a smooth and youthful forehead. Eventually, they may decide that a more permanent option is right for them. Or they may decide that more BOTOX® injections are the better route.

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