Revitalize Your Appearance with a Brow Lift

A brow lift is a procedure that can revitalize your appearance with very little work involved. Aside from enhancing how you look, this procedure can remove wrinkles and some of the frown lines that are around your eyes. When you see the final results, you might think that you’ve entered a time machine and are a few years younger.

When you arrive at our office, you’ll discuss the details of the brow lift so that you know what to expect. Before you make the decision to have the procedure performed, you’ll talk to our doctor about the results that you expect and why you want lifted brows. There are pictures that you can look at so that you can get a better idea as to what you might look like and so that you have ideas for how you want your end result to look.

Anesthesia is one of the first steps when you have a brow lift. Our doctor will want you to be as comfortable as possible. General anesthesia can be used, but you might be given a combination of local anesthesia and sedation. The procedures takes up to two hours to complete.

An endoscope is used so that the scar is minimal. The tissues are easily adjusted as instruments are inserted through the space that the endoscope creates. Once the muscles are adjusted, creases and frown lines will almost automatically go away. The skin on the forehead is lifted so that the doctor can easily adjust the muscles before closing the skin.

After the bruising and swelling go away, you can begin to see the fruits of your labor. Your forehead won’t have the wrinkles and creases that were there before. Your brows will be lifted as well, giving you a positive appearance and one that is happy instead of one that appears to be sagging.

Recovery after an endoscopic procedure is almost always shorter than the recovery time associated with a traditional surgical procedure. In about ten days you should be able to return to work, although strenuous activities may need to be avoided for up to several weeks. Other aftercare instructions can be covered with you in further detail at your consultation.

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Reduce Forehead Lines with a Brow Lift with BOTOX

Do you have unwanted wrinkles on your forehead? Are these wrinkles making you look older, upset, or sad? If so, it’s likely that you want to do something to correct them. BOTOX and brow liftprocedures have been shown to be an effective way to help individuals like you reduce forehead lines.

Forehead wrinkles are caused by the raising and lowering of your eyebrows. It’s something that you do voluntarily or involuntarily every single day. When something shocks or surprises you, you raise your eyebrows. When something upsets you, you lower or tighten your eyebrows. With time, this movement begins to affect the skin on your forehead, causing these wrinkles to appear and eventually get deeper.

Now that you are a little older, your skin does not have the same bounce-back ability that it did before. This is why these forehead wrinkles are permanently on your forehead and refuse to leave even when you relax your forehead muscles. The beauty of a brow lift with BOTOX is that it can help to reduce these wrinkles and can prevent new wrinkles from developing.

To get the best results from BOTOX treatments for forehead wrinkles, your brow lift with BOTOX treatment should only be administered by trained professionals. When BOTOX is strategically administered, it goes a long way in restoring your youthful appearance, giving you a more revitalized look.

BOTOX treatments can be administered very quickly, depending on the amount of treatment your forehead needs. During a brow lift treatment, more involved techniques will be used in order to bring about significant enhancement.

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BOTOX for Your Non-Surgical Brow Lift

If you have a heavy brow or if you have deep wrinkles in your brow, it is very likely that your overall appearance is negatively affected by these things. Individuals may often ask you if you are upset or angry when you are not. You may notice that people do not feel as comfortable to approach you as they used to. If you would like to improve this aspect of your appearance, we invite you to learn about BOTOX® for a non-surgical brow lift.

The brow lift procedure is a surgical and permanent treatment. Skin is removed from the forehead. Muscles are tightened and other things are done in order to smooth out the forehead and make it look more youthful. While there are a lot of benefits that come from using this procedure, not everyone is ready to or willing to go through surgery in order to improve their appearance. They would like to have the benefits that come from a brow lift, but they do not want the things that are associated with this permanent procedure.

BOTOX® is a great alternative. BOTOX® can be injected into the muscles in the forehead in order to relax the muscles. This is a good thing because when the muscles are relaxed, the skin that sits on top of these muscles has time to rest. Since it is able to rest, the wrinkles start to fade away. Your forehead will look more youthful. And that angry or grumpy look that causes others to turn away from you will no longer be there. You will look happier and more approachable.

BOTOX® is a treatment that both men and women can benefit from. While women are definitely interested in BOTOX® in order to treat forehead wrinkles, it is extremely common for men to want the benefits that come from adjusting this part of the face in order to improve their appearance.

Many have decided to use BOTOX® as a stepping stone to a brow lift. Most individuals are going to be able to enjoy the benefits that come from this treatment for multiple months at a time. This will allow them to see if they like the way they look with a smooth and youthful forehead. Eventually, they may decide that a more permanent option is right for them. Or they may decide that more BOTOX® injections are the better route.

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BOTOX vs. a Brow Lift for a Sagging Brow

The last thing that anyone wants to have is a sagging brow. When you have a sagging brow, you look angry and upset all the time. This can cause other people to have the wrong impression about you. And it makes you look a lot older than what you really are. There are different options that are available to help individuals who are dealing with signs of aging on the face. Two of the most popular are BOTOX® and a brow lift. However, you may be wondering what the benefits are of each one and how you should decide which one is right for you.

BOTOX® is great for helping individuals who are dealing with dynamic wrinkles. In many cases, it can help individuals who have deep vertical and horizontal lines in their forehead to smooth out these lines. BOTOX® works by relaxing the muscles in the forehead that cause the deep lines. In most cases, it will leave the forehead looking smooth and soft.

The great thing about BOTOX® is that most individuals qualify for the treatment. You need to be in overall good health, particularly free of diseases or illnesses that affect your muscular and nervous systems. It is appropriate for both men and women. The treatments are extremely quick. If you like the way you look with a smoother, softer forehead, you are able to return to our office for touch-up treatments when you notice the dynamic wrinkles coming back.

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that is designed to get rid of excess skin that is hanging on the brows. This is a treatment that is appropriate for individuals who have a lot of excess skin. If you have a lot of excess skin as well as dynamic wrinkles in your forehead, BOTOX® is only going to soften the muscle contractions, but it is not going to do anything for the sagging skin. So, if you have a lot of hanging skin, a brow lift may be the right treatment for you. However, it all depends on the unique situation.

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What is a Brow Lift?

Gravity is a great thing. Without it we would not be able to walk, and life would not exist on the planet. For all of its benefits, the constant force of gravity on the human body also has some negative consequences. This is because gravity is constantly pulling our facial structure down. As a person gets older and as the muscles and other tissues in their face become weaker, they eventually succumb to the force of gravity. As a result, a person might have a forehead that is full of furrows. The youthful contour they once had slowly goes away and is replaced with a forehead that looks older, saggy, grumpy and full of tension. In addition to affecting the appearance of their forehead, gravity can also change the way a person’s upper eyelids and eyebrows look. Thankfully, there are tools that you can use to combat the negative effects of gravity. These tools include a brow lift.

Brow lifts come in a variety of styles. Different techniques may be used during the procedure, depending on the situation. For example, some brow lifts can be minimally-invasive using an endoscope.

You may want to consider having a brow lift if you feel like your sagging eyebrows make you look tired, they make you look grumpy or they negatively impact your appearance. If you have a deep crease across your forehead or if you have skin that hangs over your eyes, this procedure can likely help.

Some of the benefits of a brow lift include how the procedure can improve your appearance. It leaves you looking more alert and gives your brow a more youthful appearance. This procedure can make you look happier and make you more approachable. This will have a positive effect on both your personal and your business life.

When you sit down with our experienced surgeon at , he can explain to you some of the brow lift techniques that are available and help you see if a brow lift is what you need to get the results you want. Our cosmetic professional in may recommend that you have another surgery performed in conjunction with your brow lift to give you the complete look you want. However, it all depends on the unique situation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to get started!

Improve Forehead Creases with a Brow Lift

As we get older, we begin to experience wrinkles all over our face. Genetics, environmental factors, as well as other things will determine how quickly we get wrinkles and where these wrinkles will occur on our face. No matter what, very few of us are happy when we have wrinkles on our face. We want to take steps to look as young and happy as we can for as long as we can.

If you would like to improve your forehead creases, a brow lift may be right for you. This is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin on the forehead and alters the underlying muscles. When there is no longer sagging skin on the forehand, the area is left smooth. You can still make normal facial expressions, but you will no longer have that hanging skin on your brow.

Many individuals who have had a brow lift have commented on the fact that others have a much better reaction to them. In the past, they may have heard people always mention the fact that they looked like they were upset, grumpy or angry. Unfortunately, when a person has forehead creases, this is the idea that they project to others. After a person gets a brow lift, people make positive comments about their appearance. They say they look rested, younger and happy.

It is interesting how having a youthful and fresh-looking appearance affects your self-esteem. When you look in the mirror and you see a smooth forehead and a face that is free of wrinkles, you have more self-confidence. You feel like trying new things and meeting new people. In addition to making you look better, a brow lift can make you feel better.

A brow lift is a surgical procedure. This means that you will have to come in and meet with us for a consultation so that we can decide if it is right for you. We want to be sure that you are in good health and will have as few complications as possible during and after the procedure.

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