A Look at the Benefits of Botox

For hundreds of years, society has been tantalized by tales of eternal youth. From stories about the “Fountain of Youth” to plastic surgery procedures that virtually erase the signs of aging, there are plenty of real and fictitious ways to avoid everything from wrinkles and crow’s feet to blemished skin and uneven pigmentation. One such procedure is Botox, which is perhaps the leading way to reduce the signs of aging and promote a rejuvenated appearance in patients of all ages, and from all backgrounds.

The Procedure: What to Expect from a Typical Botox Treatment

Thanks to advances in plastic surgery, Botox presents one of the least invasive ways to reduce the signs of aging that can seriously affect some patients’ self-esteem. The procedure uses a very fine needle that is used to inject the solution into certain muscles throughout the face. Doctors are actually able to target specific areas of the face, treating only those muscles that have allowed the skin to sag or wrinkle.

Though the needle is quite small, some patients do request an anesthetic cream to be applied prior to each injection. This is widely available and it’s a great way to make the procedure even less invasive than it otherwise would be.

What to Expect: Botox Treatments Should Be Considered an Ongoing Procedure

Botox treatments are not permanent, due in large part to the nature of the injections and how they work. That means patients who pursue Botox treatments to reduce the signs of aging on the face will need to work with their plastic surgeon to arrange future visits in order to maintain the youthful appearance promoted by this treatment.

Furthermore, Botox treatments should not be considered a way to fully erase all signs of aging. There will be a great deal of improvement in the appearance of the face, but patients will still see some minor lines or wrinkles. This is actually a preferred consequence of treatment, as the more natural appearance after each injection prevents patients from looking “plastic” or like their youthful appearance is somehow artificial.

Self-Esteem Boost: Another Great Effect of Qualified Botox Treatments

Though the primary effect of a Botox treatment is a reduction in the signs of aging throughout the face, a secondary side effect is just as noticeable and worth sharing: Most patients will actually experience a great degree of added confidence. An elevated sense of self-esteem almost always comes with the territory, with researchers finding that patients feel more confident, more proactive, and more encouraged to be assertive, than they did before their first injections.

With ongoing treatment, Botox injections can help to sustain this feeling of greater, more youthful confidence. Patients looking to boost their appearance with this non-invasive procedure should, as always, make sure that they’re working with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can offer the best chance of minimal side effects, great results, and no long-term medical complications as a result of treatment.