Weighing the Pros and Cons of a Mini Facelift

If you are looking for a facial surgery that will rejuvenate your face and make you look younger, you generally have two options: a full facelift — which tightens the skin, fat and muscle around the cheeks, chin and neck — or a mini facelift — which also reduces sagging in the cheek, neck and chin area, although a » Continue Reading.

Are you searching for reasons to have a Rhinoplasty?

As the oldest procedure in the facial plastic surgery playbook, rhinoplasty continues to be one of the most popular. Even thousands of years ago, doctors were performing this cosmetic procedure to help individuals change the way they look. It is also one of the most complex facial surgeries, since the nose is such a delicate and intricate part of the » Continue Reading.

Many Benefits of Botox

A Look at the Benefits of Botox

For hundreds of years, society has been tantalized by tales of eternal youth. From stories about the “Fountain of Youth” to plastic surgery procedures that virtually erase the signs of aging, there are plenty of real and fictitious ways to avoid everything from wrinkles and crow’s feet to blemished skin and uneven » Continue Reading.

Only Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon is the Only Way to Go

Over the course of the past decade or so, the amount of money reimbursed to traditional physicians through insurance company programs has decreased in a major way. In fact, these decreases have been so stark that otherwise lucrative careers have seemed to become dead-end jobs, where raises are less frequent » Continue Reading.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery Today

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Shows an Understanding of Unique Racial Features in Today’s Patients

Since rhinoplasty first became a major part of plastic surgery operations, the procedure has been almost exclusively associated with Caucasian patients who strive to have the “perfect nose.” Typically, that constitutes a nose that is tall, slender, and somewhat narrow, and this shape is almost exclusively associated » Continue Reading.

Seeing Excellent Results With Fractionated C02 – Blog

The fractionated CO2 laser is a very exciting technology that may prove to be the best technology that we have at our disposal. It combines the vigorous CO2 laser wavelength, but has been recently engineered to lessen downtime and eliminate side effects with the fractionated ultrapulse delivery. We are very encouraged by it’s ability to improve skin texture, tone, fine » Continue Reading.

Rhinoplasty and Nasal Architecture – Blog

As in architecture, “form equals function”. If a nose appears to fit a face, then it probably functions as intended. We were designed to breathe through the nose, but despite that, they come in all shapes and sizes. You certainly do not need to be a board certified facial plastic surgeon to point out a congenital or acquired nasal » Continue Reading.

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