After having tattoos for a while, it is common for the thrill to wear off for a lot of people. In fact, some people start to wish they had never gotten tattoos in the first place. Unfortunately, by the time that thought crosses their mind, the idea of getting rid of their tattoos brings them face-to-face with their dilemma. Of course, when everything you try fails, it is important to remember that you can always get rid of your tattoos with laser tattoo removal.

Home Remedies Don’t Work

Over the years, people have come up with all kinds of interesting home remedies to use in their attempts to getting rid of the ink laying deep beneath their epidermis. Often these home remedies involve making some kind of solution to put on your skin, lots of rubbing and scrubbing the skin over where your tattoo resides and crossing your fingers for good luck.

After all is said and done, any fading to the tattoos is typically minimal at best, if any fading takes place at all. The trouble with the ink in most tattoos is that the ink molecules can reside at varying depths in your skin. So, a remedy that can get at ink molecules closer to the surface of your skin will not typically be able to have any effect on ink that resides deeper beneath the surface layers of skin.

Laser Tattoo Removal

After you have pulled out your hair getting nowhere with home remedies, this is when it starts to become evident why people turn to laser tattoo removal to resolve this persistent problem they are facing. The advantage of using a laser is that photon energy from a laser can penetrate deep into the various layers of skin and will obliterate ink molecules on contact. This means that with each session of the laser, the ink in your tattoos will fade even more over time.

In addition, more difficult colors of ink to remove can be addressed by calibrating the laser to specific frequencies that best work to rid the skin of tattoo ink. This makes laser tattoo removal one of the most innovative approaches to getting rid of unwanted body art. If you are tired of your tattoos holding you back, and you are ready to start down the road of laser tattoo removal, then you need speak with the professionals at Smith Facial Plastics to learn more about the Picosure® laser. We are conveniently located in Gahanna, Ohio. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!