Enhance Your Overall Appearance with Chin Implants

When you hear someone say that you have a weak chin, this is not something that is usually a compliment. When a person has what most would consider to be a weak chin, it means that their jaw and their chin are quite small. There are options when it comes to improving the appearance of your jaw and chin. Some individuals have successfully used dermal fillers in order to improve these areas. However, dermal fillers are only temporary in nature. Depending on the product that you choose along with the practitioner, you are likely to experience the benefits from this treatment for just months. Many have found that chin implants are the way to go.

Chin implants are typically made of silicone. They can be made in different sizes and different shapes, depending on your particular wants and needs. The type of chin implant that is right for you is going to be determined along with the help of our practitioner. We invite you to schedule a consultation at our office to get started. You will be able to meet with a qualified surgeon who will closely examine your face. After considering your health needs, he will use his artistic eye to help you decide on the right chin implant for your particular needs.

We invite you to bring along photographs of individuals who have a chin that you think is attractive. We will be happy to show you before and after photographs of individuals who we have done chin implants on. Working together, we will find just the right thing for you. The main focus is bringing overall harmony to your face. We will closely examine your other facial features and make sure that any work we do is going to be the best for your entire look.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your appearance. If you feel like you have a weak jaw or like there is some other problem with your chin and jaw area, we will be happy to explain how you can improve your overall appearance with chin implants and other cosmetic treatments that we have available at  in . Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Improve Your Facial Aesthetic with Chin Implants

Our facial aesthetic is dictated by several different factors, almost all of which can be improved. Having an overly large nose can overpower your features regardless of your gender, while a square jaw on a woman can look severe. When it comes to our chins, however, both sexes can suffer from having a weak chin. A poorly defined chin can make your mouth appear too large, or it can create the illusion of a double chin where none exists. If you are unhappy with your chin and are considering a permanent solution, chin implants may be just what you need to balance your features and achieve your desired aesthetic.

Choosing an Implant Size

Chin implants range from very subtle to quite bold and everywhere in between. To help you get an idea of how each option would look, our surgeon can use computer technology to manipulate photographs of your face. These manipulations will give you a good idea of how the implant will change your overall aesthetic, allowing you to have a reference for the outcome you would like to receive. You can even get these images printed out to show trusted loved ones and family members for their opinions, should you so desire. Once you have decided on an implant size, you can then schedule your procedure.

The Chin Implant Procedure

The procedure is done while the patient is sedated. You will sleep through the entire surgery and have no memory of it. Once you are resting comfortably, our surgeon will create a pocket in front of your jaw bone to accept the implant, which is soft and flexible. The implant is sometimes tacked into place using small screws, but some are designed to hug the bone without any hardware. Regardless of the type of implant you are receiving, the next step is to close the area and send you to a recovery room to regain consciousness. Once you are alert and aware, another adult can take you home within a few hours.

Recovering from a Chin Implant Procedure

The chin implant procedure is so minor that it is not uncommon at all for people who experience no complications to be up and about their normal routines within a few days. If you are comfortable wearing a small bandage over the area, you may be able to return to work after your one-week follow-up appointment. The bandage is usually not necessary after the two-week mark, and most people report no issues with incision healing, eating, speaking or sleeping comfortably.

A weak chin can throw off the aesthetic of your face, especially if it is far too small for the rest of your features. Chin implants can create balance and a better overall aesthetic. If you feel your chin is weak and you are ready to explore a permanent solution, you can visit us at in for an informational, no-pressure appointment. We would be delighted to review your case and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and find out if chin implants are right for you.

What is the Purpose of Chin Implants?

It is very common to hear people describe others as either having a strong chin or a weak chin. If you have a strong chin, this means that your chin is defined and is prominent. Individuals who have a weak chin almost look as if they have no chin at all. This can be problematic because when a person does not have a well-defined chin, the rest of their face looks unbalanced. Chin augmentation via chin implants is a popular solution to address this issue. Both men and women have chin augmentation procedures performed.

Understanding the Benefits of Chin Implants

When a person has a chin augmentation procedure performed, their chin will be in proportion to the rest of their facial features. If you look at a person who has a weak chin, their neck looks full or fleshy.

Since your chin is designed to offset the appearance of your nose, if a person has a weak chin, then their nose might seem like it is unusually large. Chin implants can bring the nose back into balance with the rest of the facial structure.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Chin Implant?

You may be a good candidate for chin augmentation if you have an aesthetic defect that would benefit from you having a more prominent chin. Some of these defects would include a pointed chin, a square chin, a fleshy neck, a recessed chin or a prominent nose.

You should also have a realistic expectation about what the procedure can do for you. A chin implant will improve the appearance of your profile, but it will not change who you are. Nor should you expect a chin implant to change the way that other people treat you. If you walk into the procedure with unrealistic expectations, you will likely walk out feeling upset.

Chin implants serve a valuable purpose in that they restore balance to your face, they make your neck visible and they can improve your appearance, thereby improving your self-confidence. The best way to determine if chin augmentation is right for you is to sit down and talk with our surgeon at  in . He would be more than happy to evaluate your case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office!

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