When is Earlobe Repair Necessary?

It is unknown the reason for earlobes, though many speculations exist. They are not made of the same materials as the upper ear. Some earlobes are attached while others are detached based on genetics. The problem with stretching, piercing, or tearing the earlobe is that it does not repair itself. It will stay stretched. To restore its normal shape » Continue Reading.

Fix Your Bifid Earlobe with Earlobe Repair

There are several different ways that an earlobe can become damaged, and in many cases, it’s a problem that people are born with. Some people sustain earlobe damage from piercings or traumatic injuries, and to regain a normal appearance, the best bet is usually earlobe repair.

What Can Be Corrected with Earlobe Repair Surgery?
Various hereditary issues can cause » Continue Reading.

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