The shape of the cheekbones and the area beneath them can have a profound effect on the aesthetic qualities of the face. In addition, one of the first signs of aging is loss of tissue from the area under the cheekbones, which can make the shape of the cheekbones more apparent and can also make the face appear gaunt and aged. The loss of this tissue also causes the skin to sag and wrinkle, giving an impression of age that is often far beyond the person’s actual age. Injectable fillers placed under the cheekbones can sometimes temporarily correct this loss of volume problem, but a cheek lift, accompanied by facial implants, is often the best solution.

Cheek Lift

During a cheek lift, the excess skin is trimmed away and the tissues are lifted and repaired, restoring a more youthful look to the central area of the face; usually, surgery on the lower eyelids is also performed at the same time to remove any under-eye bags. However, due to the loss of tissue from this area during the aging process, the procedure may only be able to provide excellent results if facial implants are placed during the cheek lift procedure.

Facial Implants

Cheek implants are usually inserted through an opening made inside the upper lip. The implant will have been prepared prior to the surgery to meet the patient’s goals and to have the exact required shape and size. Cheek implants can make the cheekbones appear larger or higher, or just change the shape of the cheekbones, and can also make the cheek area appear fuller. Cheek implants are generally permanent once placed, although the skin over them can continue to sag and a revision cheek lift may be required later down the line.

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