While some people have big ears or are going bald by the day, you got stuck with the genes for a weirdly shaped, lumpy nose. Try as you might, you just cannot get used to how it looks on you. If only you could change the way your nose looks, then you might feel normal in a room full of people. Unfortunately, your nose is the single most reason why you are shy to a fault. But, all that is going to change soon. In fact, you got fed up with the way your nose looks, and you want a change to take place: a transformation to a new you with a better nose. This is why you are now considering rhinoplasty in Columbus.

When it comes to rhinoplasty surgery in Columbus, you want to take great care in choosing the right surgeon for the job. In the case of rhinoplasty, you must find a plastic surgeon who is both a great surgeon and who has an eye for the aesthetics of the nose. They should be familiar with how the nose should be balanced with the rest of your facial features. Look no further than Dr. Smith in Gahanna.

While absolute perfection in facial alignment is not guaranteed in any rhinoplasty, a well-trained surgeon in Columbus like Dr. Smith should get you close to perfection. Everyone has some degree of an alignment issue, some worse than others. What you are looking for is a balance that is natural and within reason.

After the rhinoplasty is over, you should be able to appreciate the way your nose fits with the rest of your facial features. You should be able to breathe well also. Remember, your breathing function is as important as looking good.

If you are looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon in Columbus, contact us today at Smith Facial Plastics in Gahanna to learn more and set up your first consultation.