Put Your Best Face Forward with Cheek and Chin Implants

Facial implants are generally chosen to give you a stronger facial profile or to improve the contours of your mid-face region. They are nearly always used for cosmetic reasons to give you the look of your dreams. Both cheek and chin implants require surgical procedures in order to be placed, but the surgery can usually be performed in a way that leaves minimal to no visible scars. As with all cosmetic surgeries, chin and cheek implants should be approached with great thoughtfulness.

You may be a good candidate for chin or cheek implants if you are unhappy with the shape and contours of your face. You may feel that your cheeks are thin or that your cheekbones lack definition. Your chin may recede, giving you a profile that you do not like. Additionally, you should be in good health and should be a nonsmoker. This will give you the lowest chance of side effects and will help you heal quickly. You should also be willing to follow the doctor’s orders completely. You may need to take some time off work to give yourself time to rest and heal before returning to regular activities.

Your facial implant surgery is done on an outpatient basis. Therefore, you will not need to spend the night in the hospital but will be able to recuperate in your own home. You will be sent home with any specific instructions that you will need to care for the surgical areas as well as any medications you will need to feel your best. Our surgeon will schedule a follow-up appointment with you so that he can see how you are recovering.

There are many wonderful benefits to choosing cheek and chin implants. You can finally feel like the best version of yourself and can add definition back into your face if you have lost it over the years. Cheek and chin implants come in many shapes, sizes and types, allowing us to work together to find the best shape for you.

With cheek and chin implants, you can put your best face forward by looking your best and feeling confident wherever you go. If you would like to learn more about cheek and chin implants, set up an appointment at in , . Contact us today for a consultation.

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