Why Should I Consider a Nose Job?

If you want to improve your nose, then consider a nose job. This is often a simple procedure with a short recovery time. There are a few reasons to keep in mind if you’re considering this kind of surgery so that you make the best decision for your health as you think about how a […]

Finding a Trusted and Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon

The choice of a cosmetic surgeon is a choice you will live with for a very long time, if not forever. Choosing the right surgeon is important if you wish to gain self-confidence and joy. Landing in the hands of an inexperienced cosmetic surgeon can be quite detrimental, and it can also be costly and […]

Erase Fine Lines and Wrinkles with BOTOX Injections

Everyone experiences wrinkles and lines forming on their face as they age. Some are caused prematurely due to lifestyle choices, and some are simply gained the natural way, but none of your wrinkles have to be tolerated. Facial fillers and injectable treatments are doing wonders for men and women who want less visible wrinkles. BOTOX® provides […]

Lipotranfser: Who Is a Candidate?

A lipotransfer is a surgical procedure that takes fat from one part of the body — through liposuction — and then moves it to another area of the body to restore volume. Many individuals will have donor fat taken from their stomach and transferred to their face to restore lost volume due to aging. What […]

When is Earlobe Repair Necessary?

It is unknown the reason for earlobes, though many speculations exist. They are not made of the same materials as the upper ear. Some earlobes are attached while others are detached based on genetics. The problem with stretching, piercing, or tearing the earlobe is that it does not repair itself. It will stay stretched. To […]

Put Your Best Face Forward with Cheek and Chin Implants

Facial implants are generally chosen to give you a stronger facial profile or to improve the contours of your mid-face region. They are nearly always used for cosmetic reasons to give you the look of your dreams. Both cheek and chin implants require surgical procedures in order to be placed, but the surgery can usually […]

Earlobe Repair vs. Otoplasty

Otoplasty is surgery done on the external ear. It can be cosmetic or reconstructive. People can get otoplasty to change the size, shape or position of their ears, or they can have it done to repair an injury or birth defect. Both adults and children can undergo ear surgery, but many don’t know the differences […]

Achieve Your Cosmetic Goals with Rhinoplasty

You have a problem with one of your facial features that can’t be fixed with cosmetics. It’s your nose. You’re simply not happy with it. You may have nostrils that are too small or the slant of your bridge may be too sharp. You could have a hump on your nose. Your bridge could be […]

Getting Started with BOTOX

You are young at heart, but you have been finding that your face does not agree. It seems that you have started to lose the battle that is causing your skin to show fine lines and wrinkles. You have tried all the creams and latest home remedies, but nothing seems to reverse the signs of […]

The Rising Popularity of Cosmetic Laser Services

Has acne, aging, or too much time spent in the sun left your skin with scars, wrinkles, or blotches? If so, cosmetic laser services can most likely help you appear more healthy and youthful. Laser skin treatments even help with the removal of unwanted tattoos. We invite you to discover for yourself why cosmetic laser […]