Enjoying the Benefits of Scar Treatment in the Columbus Area

Having a body covered in varying degrees of scar tissue can create problems for individuals trying to live a normal life in the Columbus area. If only visible scars did not make you stick out in an awkward way, you might feel more comfortable in your own skin. Unfortunately, accidents and deformities occur that leave scar tissue behind. On a brighter » Continue Reading.

Enhance Your Overall Appearance with Chin Implants

When you hear someone say that you have a weak chin, this is not something that is usually a compliment. When a person has what most would consider to be a weak chin, it means that their jaw and their chin are quite small. There are options when it comes to improving the appearance of your jaw and chin. Some » Continue Reading.

Finally Feel Your Best with Cosmetic Surgery in Columbus

You’re so tired of being unhappy with yourself. You have done everything that you can do on your own to make the most of your body and your features, but you are still disappointed. You don’t like who you see when you look in the mirror. It’s hard to have confidence in yourself when you are so discouraged by your » Continue Reading.

Am I a Good Candidate for Cheek Implants?

Cheek augmentation is the surgical procedure of plumping up the cheek area. This is accomplished by placing an implant. This procedure helps to fill in hollows and plump up sagging skin. Are you a good candidate for cheek implants?

Most people who seek cheek implants do so for some of these common reasons:

BOTOX for Your Non-Surgical Brow Lift

If you have a heavy brow or if you have deep wrinkles in your brow, it is very likely that your overall appearance is negatively affected by these things. Individuals may often ask you if you are upset or angry when you are not. You may notice that people do not feel as comfortable to approach you as they used » Continue Reading.

Improve Your Facial Features at Smith Facial Plastics

 is located in , , which is about nine miles northeast of Columbus. Dr. Stephen Smith is a fourth-generation surgeon who also has a background in architecture and design. He earned his medical degree from the State University College of Medicine, where he graduated summa cum laude. He served an internship in Surgery at Mt. Carmel Health in Columbus. » Continue Reading.

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery in Columbus

Standing in front of a mirror, you may notice major or minor flaws in yourself that you believe could use some improvement. Whether you realize it or not, you are not alone. Many people in the Columbus area have concerns about the way this or that feature of their face or body looks. Some of these people even spend a lot » Continue Reading.

Lip Augmentation with Restylane

Lip augmentation using dermal fillers can greatly enhance the overall appearance of the lips and even improve the appearance of the facial features. Thinning lips, lips that seem unbalanced, and poorly contoured lip borders plague countless adults, many of whom believe that a surgical implant procedure is necessary to correct the problem. However, gel fillers, especially those containing hyaluronic acid » Continue Reading.

Advantages of the Fractional CO2 Laser for Scar Treatment in Columbus, OH

Fractional CO2 skin resurfacing is a process that uses thousands of tiny laser lights to penetrate deep into the skin. The laser beams have tiny spaces between them that means only a fraction of the skin is treated and untreated skin surrounds each treated site. The results are fast healing of the treated area with minimal downtime. Fractional CO2 is » Continue Reading.

Improve Your Facial Aesthetic with Chin Implants

Our facial aesthetic is dictated by several different factors, almost all of which can be improved. Having an overly large nose can overpower your features regardless of your gender, while a square jaw on a woman can look severe. When it comes to our chins, however, both sexes can suffer from having a weak chin. A poorly defined chin can » Continue Reading.

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